Founded by Alix G. Perrachon in 1991, Alix Unlimited, LLC is a customized shopping service for handmade decorative carpets geared toward the interior design and architectural trade and private clients. In helping clients select handmade rugs, Alix guides them toward quality, value, and esthetics. Moreover, she highlights the importance of opting for a handmade rug–derived from organic materials–the ultimate green floor covering.


Alix's extensive variety of resources in the New York tri-state area gives her clients practically unlimited choices in selecting a handmade rug. Thanks to her ability to work in virtually any style and budget, her clients may choose anywhere from antique and traditional new rugs to transitional and avant-garde contemporary uniquely crafted in countries including India, Nepal, Pakistan, Egypt, Armenia, China, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Through Alix, clients also have access to the New York tri-state area's most exclusive sources for custom handknotted, flatwoven, and handtufted rugs.


Shopping for a handmade carpet can be a daunting experience for those unaccustomed to the "cliquish" world of rugs. Through her years of experience, Alix has developed privileged relationships with the most prestigious dealers in New York's tri-state area enabling her to offer advantageous pricing to her clients. Billed in The Franklin Report as an "unbelievable source," she boasts a loyal following that simply refuses to shop without her. When you shop with Alix, you will be steered toward quality for the best possible price. You will feel confident that you have made the right purchasing decision.


While most of Alix's work is with residential clients in the New York tri-state area, her projects have taken her all over the U.S. and as far as New Zealand where she supplied rugs for one of its premier restaurants. Alix offers an in-home consulting service prior to taking her clients to Manhattan's rug showrooms. Home trials are allowed at the dealer's discretion.