The Decorative Carpet--Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporary Interiors – by rug industry author and consultant Alix G. Perrachon and with a foreword by legendary dealer Doris Leslie Blau – is the first book to consider decorative carpets as an integral component of interior design.

Whether we start the decorating process with the carpet or introduce it later, it will always be a room's focal point. The Decorative Carpet represents an entirely new approach to looking at rugs in interiors and helps the eye see what it is possible to accomplish in an interior setting. The inspired designs are a glowing tribute to the talents of the carpet weavers and interior designers who enable a space to become a home. You are able to see how important the rug is to an interior and how its placement is essential to the harmony and flow of the rooms.

Covering at least one-third of a room's space and often its most expensive element, handmade decorative rugs are key in any interior design project. Yet, many consumers – including the interior design trade – are often intimidated by rugs' foreign names and their mysterious-seeming origins. In this luxurious presentation, design and decorative carpet expert Alix G. Perrachon finally explains to the end buyer, with accessible language and beautiful color images, how to choose a handmade rug and why.

This volume – the first to treat decorative carpets as an integral component of interior design – also provides professional advice on rug-buying; reveals the twenty most popular types decorative rugs in use today, along with a brief history of each; rug care and repair essentials; and a glossary of rug terminology.

Perrachon explores the use of handmade carpets by showing how celebrity interior designers have used them to create a fully composed interior. Penny Drue Baird, Clodagh, Jamie Drake, Thomas Jayne, and Juan Montoya are just a few of the designers included. A wide array of beautiful handmade rugs is featured from Art Deco to Aubusson and Tabriz to Tibetan and Moroccan.

The Decorative Carpet is a practical as well as an enticing visual resource for designers, their clients, and individual homeowners. Also an invaluable sales tool for the rug industry in promoting the relevance of handmade rugs to its customers, this book is the rug retailer's perfect add-on sale or gift.

The 9-by 11-inch hardcover coffee table book (ISBN 978-1-58093-299-8) published in 2010 by The Monacelli Press, an imprint of Random House, features 256 pages and 200 color illustrations. Originally priced at $50, this timeless book is only available now in limited quantities. You can own a copy for $40, autographed by Alix G. Perrachon and including USPS shipping within the U.S.

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Alix G. Perrachon is a writer, editor, and consultant on rugs to interior designers and private buyers through the world. Formerly American associate editor on HALI and editor of The Oriental Rug Magazine, she was consulting editor on AREA. Her work has been featured in publications including House & Garden, Art & Auction, Art & Antiques, and Antiques World, Antique Collector, and The New York Times.

Doris Leslie Blau is the founder of the prestigious Manhattan Doris Leslie Blau gallery which supplies rugs and carpets to top interiors and private clients.

"Selecting a rug can be daunting how big, what color, should it be quiet or bold !? This book calms those fears and lets you look at rugs in context. No matter the price point, you can see what you need to know to find the right rug for your needs. It is also just beautiful to look at, Alix P. has a great eye and has assembled some great images and descriptions of why these rugs work so well!" – Tim Button of Stedila Design


Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporarv Interiors

by Alix G. Perrachon
Foreword by Doris Leslie Blau